All photos now uploaded and available

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Finally, all of the photo galleries are now available on the new site. There is still some work to be done adding text to various galleries and tagging photos correctly. However, the main body of work is now complete.
I hope that the layout and usability of the site is an improvement. You can always go and look at the old site but no new photos or features will be added there.
In the course of porting over the information from the old site, I noticed that the guestbook has been deleted. That is a real pity as many great messages were left on there over the years. This is always a problem storing data with external sites where data can be deleted. The commenting available at the bottom of each page is now stored with the rest of the website. So if you left a message in the old system, please do so again. It would be great to see it.
Is there anything missing from the new site? Any features you would added? Just comment. 🙂