Some photo galleries added

I have added photo galleries from the parades from 2007 to 2012. Click on the photos option beside the home button above to find the gallery years listed. There is now the possibility to show the photos as a slideshow using the PicLens option. This is not available for all browsers and devices.

Feel free to share the galleries on social networks at the bottom of the page or to comment on any aspect of a particular year. I’m working on getting commenting working for individual photos.


Website Redesign

I hope you’ve noticed the new appearance. Unless you are a new visitor of course. Yes, the website is being redesigned for a more modern look, use more advanced functionality and engage more people to participate either through writing new posts, commenting on information or photos posted here or sharing on social media. Some of those features are already available. The next step is porting the information from the old version of the site  to this one.

Comments on what you would like to see are welcome!

In the meantime, stay tuned.